Fruit/Herbal Infusion Vanilla-Lemongrass

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The Furit/Herbal Infusion Vanilla-Lemongrass blend have a well-balanced combination of fruity, citrusy, and herbal notes, with the added complexity of vanilla. Pay attention to the interplay of the different flavors and enjoy the unique character it offers.

Product Details

Herbal tea blend

Presentation:  2 oz (56.7 g) in Zip bag

Makes approx. 14 cups (2 oz bag)

Flavor:  vanilla with a touch of citrus

Ingredients:  apple bits, green rooibos tea (11%), lemongrass (11%), orange wedges, lemon verbena leaves, flavoring, vanilla (1%).


2 tsp.

 temp. 100°C (212°F)

 brewing time 6-10 minutes.

Caffeine:  Caffeine-free.

Country of Origin:  Germany