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Blake Hill Jams Mini Selection (4 mini jars)

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Introducing the Blake Hill Jams Mini Selection - a delightful medley of artisanal preserves that will elevate your teatime and beyond!

Bursting with the finest, handpicked fruits and thoughtfully crafted in small batches, this mini selection offers a taste of pure, fruity indulgence.

Whether you spread it on toast, cheese, or get creative in the kitchen, Blake Hill Jams will tantalize your taste buds with their exceptional quality and unrivaled flavor.

The Mini Selection features 4 mini (1.5oz jars):

  • Blake Hill Blueberry Lavender:  Wild blueberries, pure cane sugar, lavender tea (lavender, water), lemon juice, fruit pectin
  • Blake Hill Raspberry Wild Bergamot:  Raspberries, cane sugar, wild bergamot flower syrup (custom bergamot tea blend, water, cane sugar), lemon juice, fruit pectin
  • Blake Hill Caramelized Fig Pear & Honey:  Fruit (Turkish Figs (figs, water), pears), brown sugar, honey, citric acid
  • Blake Hill Classic Orange:  Oranges & water to blanche, cane sugar, lemon juice, fruit pectin

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