Black Tea Spiced Chai

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Indulge in the exquisite flavors of our Black Tea Spiced Chai, a harmonious blend of carefully selected ingredients that will guide you on a delightful journey.  Sourced from the picturesque landscapes of Sri Lanka, this aromatic tea boasts the perfect balance of robust black tea, warming spices, and a touch of vanilla.

Immerse yourself in the rich, earthy notes of black tea, complemented by the zesty kick of ginger and the gentle warmth of cloves. Cardamom and black pepper add layers of complexity, while cinnamon bits infuse a sweet, comforting aroma. Aniseed and chili rings provide a subtle hint of exotic allure, and the soft, velvety essence of vanilla ties it all together.

Whether you're starting your day or unwinding in the evening, our Black Tea Spiced Chai promises a moment of pure indulgence. 

Product Details

Spice infusion with black tea


Presentation:  2 oz (56.7 g) in Zip Bag

Makes approx. 15 cups (2 oz bag) / 30 cups (4 oz bag)

Flavor: Spicy

Ingredients:   black tea (26%), ginger, cloves, cardamom, black pepper, cinnamon bits, aniseed, chilli rings, vanilla.

  Blends without added flavor


 1 tsp,

 temp. 100°C (212°F)

 brewing time 5 - 8 minutes.

Caffeine:  On average, a cup (8 ounces or 240 ml) of brewed coffee contains approximately 95 milligrams of caffeine. Black Tea Spiced Chai may contain about 40-70 milligrams of caffeine.

Country of Origin:  Sri Lanka