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Artistic Iron Teapot 0.6 Liter

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Color: Green Artistic Iron Teapot 0.6 Liter


Whether in China or in Japan – the land where these cast iron masterpieces, which originally served as water kettles, were first produced is anyone’s guess. In addition to their decorative appearance, they have a quite practical advantage: Because of the many microscopic openings for air in the surface, the porous nature of this heavy material isolates extremely well and keeps the tea warm for a long while.
  • Cast iron tea pot lined with enamel to prevent rusting
  • Cast iron construction keeps tea warm for a long time
  • With removable stainless steel mesh infuser
  • Best gift for tea lovers

0.6 Liter (20.28 ounces)

Country of Origin:  China

Care instructions for iron pots:

1. Before using for the first time rinse the pot and infuse it three times with boiling water and dry.

2. After each use make sure that the entire pot is clean and dry to prevent rusting. When cleaning, you should make sure to clean without dishwashing detergent.

3. The iron teapots are sealed on the inside for protection. To protect this sealing we recommend not to leave tea in the pot overnight. This also controls corrosion.

4. In the unlikely event of rust the pot can still be used. After cleaning the rusted area with a soft brush, simply reboil tea. The tanning agent in the tea will react with the iron, producing a black seal, covering the rusted area. This will also prevent the recurrence of rust. Occurrent rust is non-toxic, so it will be safe to use.

5. Store in a cool, dry place and avoid contact with salt.

6. Do not use the teapot to boil water.

7.The iron teapot is not suited for dishwasher and microwave.

8. Fruit infusions and flavored teas should be made in pots out of glass or porcelain.

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