Iron Teapot Panpukin 800 ml with Filter

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Cast iron teapots were created in ancient China.  They were then adopted and further developed by the Japanese into practical and decorative items.  They should symbolize the everlasting strength and unity of the world.

Care Instructions

1. Before using for the first time rinse the pot and infuse three times with boiling water and dry.

2. After each use make sure that the entire pot is clean and dry to prevent rusting.  Never use cleaning products either inside or out.  We recommend not to leave tea in the pot overnight.

3. Store in a cool, dry place and avoid contact with salt.

4. Do not use the teapot to boil water.

5. In the unlikely event of rust the pot can still be used.  After cleaning the rusted area with a soft brush, simply reboil tea.  The tannin in tea will react with the iron, producing a black layer, covering the rusted area.  This will also prevent the recurrence of rust.  Occurred rust is non-toxic, so it will be safe to use.

6. The cast iron teapot is neither suited for dishwasher nor microwave.

7. Fruit infusions and flavoured teas should be made in pots made of glass or porcelain.