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Vdovichenko Bee Farm is a family owned and operated Bee Farm located in Anderson SC. The Vdovichenko Bee Farm honey is Completely Raw and Natural. They do not use any chemicals with their bees and they do not feed their bees, leaving them their own honey to feed on.

Honey is never heated and is only coarse filtered. Vidovichenko Bee Farm is certified South Carolina Producer.

Sourwood honey is produced when bees feed on sourwood tree flowers. The sourwood three blooms in early summer with fleecy white flowers that will turn into urn-shaped fruit in the fall.

Sourwood Honey tastes like buttery caramel and has a beautiful amber color.

Honey is a good substitute for other forms of sweeteners. A tablespoon of honey in your cup of tea adds a natural sugar source with no artificial ingredients. It is a light flavor that does not over power the tea flavor.

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