Advent Calendars

Coming Soon!!!

Our new Tea and Coffee Advent calendars are the perfect companion for the pre-Christmas season.  For all tea lovers, we have these Advent calendars filled with 24 loose premium teas or coffee.

The countdown begins.  It is time to start preparing.  The Christmas season is just around the corner.  Enjoy the experience of a great taste and unique aroma every day.  Enjoy and surprise yourself by looking for the corresponding window of each day.  On this countdown, beginning on December 1, you will find 24 different varieties of tea or coffee.  

Classic Advent Calendars with 24 doors.  Bilingual (German and English).  Easy withdrawal.  Portion bag with winterly design.

Measures:  11.61 x 4.17 x 13.93 inches
Content:  24 tea or coffee servings 15 g

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